Our Gel Polish Is Easy Safe And Beautiful!

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  • A complete collection of over 90 beautiful gel polish colours!

    GelMoment’s DIY, One-Step gel polish means that you can do a professional looking gel polish manicure yourself from the comfort of your own home, without the hefty price and time loss of going to a salon. No base or top coat required, it cures in just 45 to 60 seconds, depending on which of our LED Lamps you use!

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  • It’s SAFE

    Our easy removal system is non-damaging to your natural nails, allowing for easy colour changes as often as you like. Our gel polish is also safe to use on children with the proper supervision!

  • It’s 5+ FREE

    Eco-friendly, non-toxic, solvent-free, lead-free, latex-free, cruelty-free, and 5+ FREE (No Toluene, no Dibutyl Phtalate, no Formaldehyde, no Formaldehyde Resin, and no Camphor).


    We have a large selection of gorgeous colours to choose from. Whether you’re going out on the town with the girls, heading to the beach, or staying in with your special someone, we’ve got the perfect colours to suit your mood!

  • It’s EASY

    GelMoment offers a DIY, One-Step gel polish application concept from the comfort of your own home, saving you the time and cost of a professional manicurist.

  • It’s FAST

    With no top or base coat required, our gel polish cures in just 45 to 60 seconds, depending on which one of our LED lamps you choose.

  • It’s DURABLE

    Our GelMoment Polishes aren’t just beautiful, they’re durable too! Our gel polish lasts up to 14 days, depending on your nail type.


    Our products are free of any animal by-products and never undergo animal testing.

Unboxing My New Young Living Premium Starter Kit!

This video is to show new Young Living Distributors what they can expect in their Premium Starter Kits!  I live in Canada, sometimes there is a slight change of one of the Essential Oils included in the kit.  If you are thinking of joining Young Living please feel free to reach out to me!   Here is the website to get you started:  www.myyl.com/lisamaslykhealth

Are you looking for an alternative to those high octane energy drinks?!

Rev3 by USANA is an all-natural vitamin and antioxidant-enhanced beverage with a proprietary energy complex that is safe and effective for atheletes.

Rev3 energy contains all-natural caffeine from antioxidant-rich green and white tea. It has all-natural, low-glycemic sugars. The total glycemic load of Rev3 energy is three to four times lower than traditional energy drinks!

No wonder professional athletes are turning to USANA REV3

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I would love to help you find better health and financial freedom!

I was struggling with my own health.  I have cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimers in my direct family members.  I was afraid of getting sick, with at least one of the above.    I had really kind of given up.  I stopped watching what I ate, exercised only sometimes and drank a little too much socially.

I realize I didn’t have much focus, and in some ways was passing time on this earth.  This is kind of awful to say really, as GOD has given us so much to enjoy and experience.

Thankfully USANA found me!  I wasn’t really looking for a health centred network marketing company.  I was  a Norwex consultant, did a little business here and there.  I was slow to start with USANA, I didn’t fully understand how it could change my health and my life!

USANA has helped me gain energy and health, which makes me what to exercise and eat better.  I also am choosing to cut back on social drinking as often with my friends(I really think its a social disease of a lot of 40 year olds.  We have been told to “drink wine its good for you” way to often)

From a growth and personal point of view.  I now have a business, and I want to be successful!  I want people to know my name and believe in me and my product.   I now have a purpose, and an unlimited earning potential.  I plan to rise to the top of USANA.  Will you come with me?

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