What To Do With The Kids At Home!

With the schools closing due to the Coronavirus outbreak, millions of children are now at home which can create a new crisis for parents.Whether its your own kids, your grandkids or helping out your best friend you are having to find fun activities to keep them busy!    Its one thing to entertain them on the weekends, but its another when you have to do it everyday and all day.

The first thing to do is make a plan.  Kids are used to have routine and a schedule each day.  Take a few moments and sit down and try to plan your week.  Take a look at how each day at home will look, then you can plan the activities around it accordingly.

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Planning a schedule:

Take a look at their normal school schedule first

  • What time does their day usually start
  • When are their break times
  • When do they have physical activity
  • When is their quiet time(hopefully you can get some work done here)
  • When is the best time for school/homework

Now you have mapped out the educational part of the day its time to schedule play.

  • Schedule a few times during the day into short 15 to 30 minute time blocks. The more a child plays, the more they learn to play

Educational Toys

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Plan reading time.

  • Plan 20 minutes each day for reading time.  It can be all at once or split into different time blocks
  • Parents can read aloud, or the children can.
  • Also silent reading time is great.

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Plan your screen time

  • As much as you want to have the tv as a babysitter, its better to stick to a routine.
  • Don’t leave the tv on all day as background noise, instead put on music.
  • Plan their tv time into the time segments that work for you and would be a part of your normal routine.

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Do Your Gel Nails At Home Easily!

A lot of us women have gone to nails salons for most of our lives. We enjoy being pampered and having our nails look pretty, even if its just for a trip away or a special occasion.


For many years, I also frequented the nail salon.  I regularly had some kind of tip on whether it was an acrylic or a gel nail, I was never really sure what they were actually putting on my nails.  I enjoyed the look of a nice bright pink color for spring or a deep burgundy for the fall time.The only problem that I was having was that when I had the nails removed, my nails were so weak and damaged from having them done at the salon.  The drilling and scraping had literally taken layers off of my nails.  I would try different nail strengtheners, truly wishing I could have my own natural nails.  I often didn’t have the time and sometimes the money to constantly go to the nail salon.   I had also begun hearing things about toxic free nail polish and 5 free!  I didn’t realize that some of the polishes and chemicals that had been used by the salons were also toxic and bad for my health.  Yikes!


Thankfully it was around this time that I saw a post go through a friends timeline about a healthy non toxic one step gel polish.  I decided to check it out!  Well not only did I become a customer, but I decided pretty quickly that this was a product that more women should know about, so I became a distributor.  Ladies, I haven’t looked back!  I had no idea that so many women would be looking for another option than salon nails, and for many different reasons.  Professional working women have the money, but no time to go the the salon, my organic friends love the fact that its non toxic, 5 free and kid friendly!  There are so many reasons that this Gel Polish system is becoming so popular!   Now with the coronavirus that is affecting all of us, its time to take your manicures home!  You can have beautiful nails in 1 step, 1 coat and it cures in 45 to 60 seconds.  I am so glad I found it and if you would like to know more please connect with me I would love to share it with you!   Here is a sampling of some nails done by customers and distributors!

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