12 Blog Post Ideas For August

Do you sometimes wonder what to write about on your blog.  It can make it easier if you divide it up into months, and see what people are going to be searching for, and what is relevant in that upcoming month.  An example is people start searching for Christmas and Holiday ideas, in as early as October! Do a search on google or Pinterest to see what topics people are looking for.

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Here is my list of blog post ideas for August that you can use to help you jump start your next blog post!

    1. Do a back to school checklist or roundup
    2. Share a recent DIY project or craft
    3. Share your recent shopping hauls, even if its what you bought at Walmart!
    4. Host a giveaway.  It can be for your product or free printables.
    5. Share the 5 things in your life that you prefer not to go without.  This could be wine, coffee, books, chocolate….you get the idea.
    6. Go to your local farmers market and document your day
    7. What have you been watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney this summer?  Do you have a top 10 list you want to share.
    8. Share your summer skin care routine
    9. What are the best end of summer sales.  Think of back to school clothes, backpacks etc
    10. Bullet journal ideas.
    11. Best desserts for hot summer days
    12. Fun outdoor activities for the family


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