Back To School Checklist/ How To Prepare For School 2021

The kids will be going back to school soon and summer will be coming to an end. You either feel happy to have time to yourself again, or sad that the little munchkins are going to school for the day! Ether way, here are some helpful tips to help you get organized and the kids ready for the first day of school.

Get back-to-school supplies: pens, pencils, paper, folders for new assignments and homework. Be sure to get a comfortable backpack that’s not too heavy or bulky so they have room for school supplies and snacks.

Look into your child’s schedule of classes (either through the school or online) to find out when their classes start and end for the day and who their new teachers might be. Also a map of the school can come in handy so they know where to find their new classes.

What kind of clothes are they allowed to wear? Do you need to start looking into purchasing school uniforms and/or back-to-school clothes? Having the clothing laid out and planned the night before can make for a much smoother morning!

Plan the snacks and lunches for back to school. Get the kids involved in picking their favourite foods, it not only gives them the proper nutrition, but makes them feel happier eating food they know and already love. Also picking out cool and fun lunch boxes can make the transition easier. Remember also to try and get them to eat breakfast before school, it helps them learn better!

What are the vaccination requirements, and back to school health and safety. There may be new requirements for your child to attend school in person. Make sure you are up to date on vaccination and mask requirements.

-You may also want to start looking into what kind of after-school activities your child will be interested in. Activities start early in the year and its nice to have an idea of what your child’s interests are.

I hope these tips help you and your kids have a smooth transition back to school! For many its the first in months after being homeschooled. This is an exciting time and enjoy it!

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