Take a Break and Embrace Life Again

Sometimes life gets us down. Things happen that just affect us in ways that we feel we can’t overcome. The waves feel like they continually wash over and over us, until we can’t breathe or see the sky above. Whether it’s a loss of a person or just a part of yourself, it can bring tremendous grief and sadness! It can grip us so hard and shake us to the core or our entire being. I have been there, we have all been there. Its what we choose to do next that makes the difference in the direction our lives will go.

The first piece of advice I can give you is to allow yourself to feel your pain. Let it be there acknowledge it, even name it and this will allow you to let it go. Then you need to visualize a box on a shelf in a closet way up high. Take the box down, open it, put your sadness or grief into it and close it, returning it to the shelf up high. It is not forgotten, but is only to be opened again if you decide to. This really helped me to overcome the grief I felt from the passing of my mum.

The second piece of advice is to not hold onto guilt. This is a common one for me as I have the tendency to beat myself up over my mistakes and allow those thoughts to take root in my life. It does not serve any purpose other than making you feel bad about yourself. Instead, choose forgiveness for not only other, but also for yourself and let it go.

The third piece of life advice is to let go of the drama and enjoy life. It can be so easy to get bogged down in what is going on around you that it becomes difficult to just live your own life. This one should not take a whole lot of explanation as we all know how draining chasing after gossip and arguments with people can be.

The fourth piece of advice for a better life is to create boundaries. We often feel like we need to be available for everyone at all times, but that does not serve anyone in the long run. ​ I really have to work on this. I for most of my life have been what is called a “people pleaser”, always wanting others to like me instead of standing on my own beliefs.

The fifth piece of advice for a better life is to take care of your mental, spiritual and physical health. You need to fill your own cup before you can reach out to others. Take time out to do the things that bring you joy. Maybe its reading a book, sitting in a park, going for a walk. Whatever that thing is you need to start giving it to yourself on a more regular basis.


I have learned that no matter how dark the sky is, we can still enjoy glimpsing at least a crack of light. We just need to keep looking for it and believe in ourselves enough so that when it comes again our hands are ready to grasp onto something with hope.

The only way to keep going is by finding the light in you and others. There are so many people who care about you when they don’t even know your name yet or what it’s like for them to be inside of your shoes. You need to love yourself first before anyone else can truly show their appreciation.


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