The Gym Is Closed, Now What?

My daughters and I like to go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week.  We alternate between spin class, yoga and lifting weights.  It helps us to stay fit both physically and mentally.  With the closure of the gym, its time to find some options that we will still enjoy, but will also provide a good workout either at home or outside.


As a precaution most of the gyms in the city are closing down, at least for a period of 3 weeks.  So where does that leave us for working out?  There are some great workout videos you can do at home!

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Here are some videos that I recommend:

1.Shred-It With Weights By Jillian Michaels.

Screenshot 2020-03-15 16.57.29

2. Flow Yoga Interactive Series

Screenshot 2020-03-15 17.01.52

You can also go for a walk, bike ride or hike outside.  Its actually a good way to relieve the stress and get some exercise.  As long as you keep the 6 foot rule, you can go outside with your family and enjoy the day!  We took some time and went hiking.  It was great to get outside and breathe in the fresh air, while having quality time together. Remember that its also important to dress according to the weather outside!  Make sure you have breathable fabric and good shoes!  If you live in the sunbelt, a hat is always a good option as well!  As it is hard to get to the stores right now, with the Corona Virus, we ordered some fitness clothing online here!  

Hopefully this virus will pass quickly and the gyms will reopen in a shorter amount of time.  In the meantime, it feels like we are all meant to slow down a little, maybe even appreciate life a bit more.  Enjoy the outdoors again, really take time and listen to our families and build relationships again. Healthy Goodness, Highest-Grade Natural Supplements! Fast, Free Shipping!

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