Do You Have High Cholesterol?

I was at the doctor yesterday and it turns out that I have higher cholesterol than she would like.  I am otherwise a healthy person.  I walk everyday, get to the gym when I can, and eat what I think of as middle of the road.  Just the right amount of veggies.

I decided to research if  Essential Oils could help me and to my surprise there are 3 top Essential Oils that are very helpful in lowering cholesterol.  I will list them here:

  1. Lavender.   It is known to reduce stress and cortisol levels to protect heart health.
  2. Cypress.  This oil promotes blood circulation and reduces stress, helping to lower cholesterol levels
  3. Rosemary.  With its antioxidant properties, it can reduce lipid levels and help stabilize blood sugar.

Obviously you want to try to eat healthy and exercise regularly, but its nice to know that you can also have some control over your health, and lowering your cholesterol.  To order Essential Oils please click here:


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