Going Into Perimenopause Sucks!

I just turned 50 this year, and so many changes are happening to me!  I can’t get rid of the extra 10 pounds I mysteriously gained.   I am so hot at night, that my husband sleeps as far away as possible. I have to change 1-3 times a night, due to night sweats.    And last but not least, according to my family, I have mood swings!  I am not sure if I believe this last one…..haha.

Anyway, I really didn’t want to go onto hormone replacement therapy.  I had done a lot of that when we were trying to conceive kids.  That is a story for a whole other blog post.  Then I learned about Phytoestrin!  Here are some stats on it:

Did You Know?
Bone health and risk of heart disease are common health concerns during and after the transition into menopause.
Mood swings, hot flashes, and night sweats. If that sounds familiar, it may be time to try a supplement developed to ease the transition into menopause. PhytoEstrin contains a diverse blend of botanicals that can provide convenient and natural relief from common menopausal symptoms. It is also formulated as a cardiovascular and bone health supplement.*

What a wonderful, natural way to help alleviate the perimenopausal symptoms!    Visit my website www.lisamaslyk.usana.com to order or please send me a note if you have any questions!  Lisa.maslyk@gmail.com


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