What Is Health?

Health is different for all of us.   For me ,health means a balance between spiritual, physical, emotional and mental status.  If one of these areas of my life is out of balance, then I feel out of sorts and “unhealthy”   Maintaining health isn’t always easy though, as we get bombarded by stress, and things we can’t control each day our health can suffer.

We can, however, control how we react to things that pass through our life, and we can choose to find the “best” health for ourselves personally.   If I was to pick a perfect day it would start with quiet time, and prayer or meditation.  It would be followed by exercise of any kind, and this at least starts me on a positive path mentally.  If I feel good, then I know I project it, and I know I look good.  As far as the emotional stress, how I handle it is up to me.  I can’t avoid it, it is part of life, but I can choose how I react.  In the past, I used to become very emotional and the adrenalin would rush through my body.  The feeling you get after this has passed is awful.  You get the “high” from adrenalin, and then are left with the emotional low afterward.  I learned that it was better to try and control my emotions, before they controlled me.  This has taken prayer and practice giving the emotions away as they hit me.

As for my physical health, I thought there was not much else to do but try not to drink as much wine, eat more veggies, and exercise a bit more.  Same old, same old.   I didn’t feel much different to be honest.  Then I was introduced to USANA vitamins and supplements.  I did not realize that I was even missing proper nutrition in my life, and how much better I would feel, when my body was receiving the right vitamins and minerals for me!   I now feel more energy in my day, able to tackle new things, and feel younger than I did a year ago.  My hair is growing fast and thick, and my nails have strengthened.  I am glad I took the time to learn about USANA, and have now become a distributor so that I can share these products of health with others!  Please feel free to visit my website:www.lisamaslyk.usana.com

On my website you can take the health test, to see what vitamins and supplements would best suit you.  Or you can simply browse and learn about the products if you are curious. Lastly, if you are interested in also becoming a distributor, you can do that here too!


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